Osmania University, a second home for foreign students

Cheaper education expenses, balance between extra-curricular activities and academics attracts students from overseas to Osmania University.

By   |  Published: 25th Dec 2016  8:20 pmUpdated: 25th Dec 2016  8:39 pm
File Photo: Osmania Arts College

Hyderabad: Foreign students, attracted by the city which shares some common culture, have made Osmania University (OU) their second home. With good academics, teaching and easy admission, more and more foreign students are flocking to the university to pursue higher education.

Presently, a total of 4,000 students from 87 countries are pursuing their academics and for the academic year 2016-17. And, 1,666 students signed up for various courses on the campus, constituent and affiliated colleges of the University.

Saif W Mezher from Iraq, who is pursuing Masters in Communication and Journalism at OU, said he opted for OU as he found the academics and teaching staff to be good. “The university is a second home for me. People here are very nice and friendly. Though my English is weak, the teachers help me overcome the language barrier. The university should cut down its lengthy admission procedure,” he says.

For Muhabbat Davranova, a student from Afghanistan, a trip to the city landed her in the university. “I came to Hyderabad on a trip. Then I thought the university is a great opportunity for foreign students to complete their higher education. That’s how I joined the university. It’s been more than four months in this city,” she says.

It not just quality of teaching and cost of education that attract foreign students to the university, it is also the low cost of living and education expenses. Apart from the regular academics, extra-curricular activities on the campus have enthused foreign students. Back at home, they say, extra-curricular activities are not part of the regular academics.

“In my country, education is very strict. We have to only study the subjects and complete the course in time. There is no scope for extra-curricular activities. But here we see a balance in academics and extra-curricular activities,” said Sharif-ullah-Wayand, a student from Afghanistan who is pursuing his Masters in Journalism at OU.

With the right documents, getting an admission in OU is a cake walk for foreign students. However, it is not the same when it comes to finding a home in the city, even if they have the necessary papers. Though there is a dedicated hostel for foreign students, they refuse to stay there because of the strict rules. “It is very difficult to find a home in Hyderabad. After searching for several days, I found one but my owner pesters me for each and everything,” Sharif-ullah-Wayand says.