OU staff quarters infested with illegal tenants

Many of these illegally occupied houses have the main doors locked from outside, with the tenants using the rear door.

By Author  |  Published: 20th Dec 2016  11:59 pmUpdated: 21st Dec 2016  6:17 pm
Osmania University
OU Teaching and non-teaching staff quarters on campus. Photo: Surya Sridhar

Hyderabad: All is not well with the Osmania University. Officials at the university, which is gearing up for its centenary fete in April 2017, are having a tough time in dealing with unauthorised residents on the campus.

While non-boarders encroaching on the space of boarders in university hostels is nothing new, it has now turned out that even teaching and non-teaching staff quarters on the OU campus have illegal occupants. And this is despite regular raids by varsity authorities. There are 158 teaching staff quarters and 246 non-teaching staff quarters on the campus. On record, the teaching quarters have 53 occupants, while the non-teaching quarters have 152. Around 20 per cent of the vacant houses were in dilapidated condition, and the rest, officials say, have been taken over by illegal occupants.

The Sixth Pay Revision Commission, which increased house rent allowance, deducted the HRA benefit for those staying in official quarters. This led to a majority of the teaching faculty moving out of the quarters, after which the number of vacant houses went up.

However, what has stunned the varsity administration was the discovery that some employees were hand in glove with outsiders, allowing many to use the quarters. In some cases, workers allotted to work in the quarters had become occupants.

“Many of these illegally occupied houses have the main door locked from outside, with the illegal tenants using the rear door,” says a teaching staffer residing in one of the quarters, adding that the presence of illegal tenants was proving to be a threat to genuine residents.

There have been a few cases of theft of late, he said. The varsity administration, meanwhile, says it has warned illegal occupants of legal action if they fail to vacate the quarters. The administration is making a list of employees who have officially been allotted the quarters, and those who are staying there illegally. “This list will be shared with the police and the illegal lodgers will be evicted,” a senior OU official said.

When contacted, Prof S Ramachandram, Vice-Chancellor, OU, said a detailed plan had been chalked out to evict illegal occupants. “We will remove them in a month,” he told Telangana Today.