P Se Pyar F se Faraar: More than pyar this film recommends farar

Director: Manoj Tiwari Cast: Bhavesh Kumar, Jyothi Yadav, Jimmy Shergil, Kumud Mishra

By   |  Published: 18th Oct 2019  8:34 pm

When a film maker decides to script a narrative hovering around adolescent defines of social verticals you would expect some novelty beyond cosmetic changes or detail. This comes as the first disappointment as you journey through over two hours of an angst filled love story. Love stories defined authority fills the archives of Hindi films. In fact, the theme leaks from the archives. Mughal e Azam to Kedarnath our cinema is replete with instances of young hearts attempting to fight the verticals of society.

From the ruler-ruled, rich-poor, educated Vs ignorant to casteiest divides we have seen it all. Manoj Tiwari decides an encore. Surely at a time when our cinema is showing signs of maturity you would have expected the filmmaker to induce some innovation and some fizz. In a week where multiple films crave for attention, Tiwari deceits to falter.

School kids Suraj Mali (Bhavesh Kumar) lives in the peripheries of society. Janvi Singh (Jyothi Yadav) is a brat from the power stable of upper caste Omveer Singh (Kumad Misra). Even as the school kids carry out Operation Elope, Omveer and his goons, including Pankaj Singh (Pankaj Jha) are out as moral policemen.

All this is paradoxically set in Mathura, the land of the legendary romance of Lord Krishna and Janvi’s residence is her conflict with tradition with her grandmother Ammaji (Shivani Sapori) and her liberal rebel against the authoritarian regime-socio political of dad Omveer. Her support system is her uncle Rajveer Singh (Jimmy Shergil). This is a malfunctioning ventilator. As the young couple are on the run, they muster support from Suraj’s brother Rajesh (Girish Kulkarni). The moth-eaten script jerks its predictable journey with as many pot holes as you would expect in Mathura.

A film of this kind: Bobby, Qayamat se Qayamat Tak, Love Story, Betaab, Ashiqui invest heavily on the romance and the chemistry of the lead pair as manifested in some great music. Tiwari surely has the artistic liberty to eschew these traditional templets. However, his resistance is half hearted. The powerful vs the Dalit clash is a weak extension of Wasseypur, the romance strangely conspicuous in its absence. The story of two love-smitten adolescents defying authority and being on the run, turns on its wheels into being an excuse to talk of power struggle, lynching, and moral policing rather than the other way round. This inverted telescope is wholly without focus. Amazing actors like Zakir Hussain, Rajinder Kala, Akhilendra Misra Sanjay Misra have miniscule time for display and leaves you wondering what they are doing in the film.

The lead pair Bhavesh Kumar and Jyoti Yadav are fine examples of terrible miscasts in the lead roles. Both have nothing to recommend and leaves you wondering how a film maker could have betted on this duo. The saving grace in the film apart from a tight script is the performances from Kumud Mishra (though stereo type) and Jimmy Shergill. However, that is a wafer-thin reason to make bold to watch the film.

More than pyar this film recommends farar.

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