Pangea: Mecca of all exotic things

Pangea, the gourmet store is a repository of healthy and organic foods which must find a place in your pantry

By Author  |  Published: 13th Jun 2019  10:25 pm
Mecca of all things exotic

At some point in our life, we have all wanted to gorge ourselves on our favorite grilled sandwich with extra cheese or just go all out on that beautiful chocolate milkshake with whipped cream topped with brownies. But many of us have always managed to put a full stop on such “junk food items” because of the ingredients loaded with calories and fats or simply because of being diet conscious.

But, what if you could get all your favorite dishes with healthy ingredients and zero guilt of consuming those extra unnecessary calories? Well, now Hyderabadis can rejoice, thanks to ‘Pangea’, a gourmet store in Jubilee Hills, which provides all imported and organic products.
Store manager, Khaja Ameeruddin who gave us an insight into the store, says, “Prior to this store, we used to supply bulk orders all over India. As the demand for such products started increasing, our CEO initiated the idea of opening this store in Hyderabad, which is the first-of-its-kind,” he informed.

The store offers a wide range of fruits, few to name were all types of berries, peaches, fresh dates, seedless lime, which is a South African specialty. They have vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, and different kinds of mushrooms, salad leaves and a lot more.Moreover, they have a separate section for organic powders such as Hemp and Green grass. “These protein powders are natural and organic and thus they are better in quality than the regular powders, as there are no added chemicals or preservatives in them,” he clarified.

The brainchild of Shah Rukh Kumar, CEO from Hyderabad, is a unique concept as it has a tie-up with Café Aura, which is right next to the store, where one can shop and eat at the same time. “The concept of combining the store with the café is that the store offers an array of imported products. A customer might not be well informed as to how to cook them, thus they can buy the products in the store and then they can go to the chef of the café, who will not only prepare the dish, but also explain and give out the recipe for further use as well,” explains Khaja.

Their USP are the salmon from Norway, which is bought by celebrities like Nagarjuna, Mahesh Babu and many more on a weekly basis, as it has triple Omega 3 which is very beneficial for pregnant women as well. And, they also sell different varieties of cheese from all over the world. For instance Brie, cream cheese and their specialties are Truffle cheese, Old Amsterdam and Holland cheese.

“Our chefs freshly bake ‘Keto Bread’ with almond flour, egg white and Stevia powder, containing no gluten, sugar or fat components. We also have dark chocolates of different percentages, protein bars, lactose-free milk made from almonds and cashews, tonic water, cheese and meats, especially for the ones following a particular diet.”Soon, they will start an online shopping website to facilitate online ordering, where they can also take feedback and requirements from the customers about various products.