Passions turned into a lucrative profession

Hyderabad is becoming a hub for people turning to music bands as a viable career option

By Author  |  Published: 24th Feb 2020  12:11 amUpdated: 23rd Feb 2020  8:29 pm

A choice of career has always been a confusing decision to make. What career can I opt for? What is suitable for me? And beyond everything what makes me happy? These are some questions that haunt youngsters as soon as they complete their schooling.

Over the years, diverse career choices away from the regular engineering, medicine and commerce have emerged into the picture. Offbeat career choices like short filmmaking, photography, radio jockeying, Instagram businesses have seen a rise in recent past while also making way for music bands which is the most chosen career among the youth today.

“After my 12th standard, I started learning guitar with a friend. I was not really appreciated for my studies, but my guitar playing skills caught a lot of attention. Then I decided this is what I want to do as I was recognised for it. Slowly, I also learnt Western vocal music to be good at different forms. Soon I joined this band Psychic Drift through Nations Rock Beat,” says Ashutosh Mishra who wants to make a career in music and is part of a recently formed rock band called Psychic Drift.

But giving a warning while choosing music as a career is his bandmate Praneeth Krishna, “We have to think twice if it’s just an attraction or a passion. Failing should not stop you from continuing to do it. If you believe you can then go for it.”

Finding the right band

While learning music and excelling in it can be achieved by hard work, the next question is how to find the right band which fits? “It’s not an overnight thing to find a right band. It’s a slow process. You have to jam with a lot of people. Also, you should know what your skill level is and see the compatibility with the rest of the band,” shares Eknath Kiran from the Capricio band.

Samuel John from the band Rhythm says it’s not very easy to get opportunities for sure “as one has to give a lot of demos and do a lot of free gigs at different venues in the city so people would know about the band. Now, we get paid about 25 to 30k if at college fests and for private occasion it can be anything from 60k. While some bands may charge lakhs as well depending on their popularity.”

Sustaining after the jump

One needs to keep updating in any profession. A band needs to make continuous efforts to create new songs or give it an existing one a twist.

“It all lies in your presentation. If you are really good and attract more crowds to your performance, you’ll sustain,” says Eknath Kiran.

Talking about the music scene changing from DJing to live music, he continues, “It’s not like DJing is fading, it has its own space. While now DJ is also getting integrated into live music. So it’s just that you need to keep updating yourself.”

Samuel John who works as a music teacher at a school in the city suggests, “One might get a lot of gigs in a month whereas not many in another. To have a steady income which you can rely on is necessary,” he says.

While giving a suggestion to the music lovers out there, Eknath says, “Many come to me and say they’re learning music and are an amateur singer and ask if they can form a band or sing in a band. I tell them to go for it. If you keep thinking you’ll be there all your life. You might make mistakes and fail badly as well, but that’s part and parcel of this profession. So don’t give up.”

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