Patthey, Potte and Pottiyan

These guys tickle your funny bone and make your day with their satire and humour.

By   |  Published: 26th Dec 2016  3:58 pmUpdated: 27th Dec 2016  11:21 am
Admins of the Facebook page "Just Hyderabadi Things" Abdul Rahman, Ibrahim and Syed Azhar (From left to right). Photo: D Hrudayanand

Hyderabadis love humour. And when it is about our own city and culture, they wouldn’t miss the humour in what’s shared. It is the slang and humour of a typical Hyderabadi that makes you identify him in any corner of the world. Hyderabad is well known not only for its Charminar, pearls and biryani, but also for its Urdu-mixed Hindi dialect with a generous dose of satire and fun added to it. To know more about ‘all things Hyderabadi’, a glance at the Facebook page ‘Just Hyderabadi Things’, run by a couple of engineering first-year students, is more than enough.

The page was initially started by Abdul Rahman, a resident of Old City and an engineering student. While looking for a job, he utilised his time productively by initiating the page Just Hyderabadi Things. After a while, he gave the admin authorities to Syed Azhar and Ibrahim. Rahman says, “I started managing one more page named ‘Baigan’, which is also quite famous. As I didn’t have time to manage both pages, I wanted someone with humour and satire flowing naturally in their talk — that’s how I found these two young students. I am glad that they have taken the page to great heights.”

When asked about how the ideas come to them, Ibrahim, one of the admins, says, “We observe the situations happening around us and that becomes a hashtag. For example, iPhone 7 was launched a day before Bakr Eid and the social media went viral about purchasing the new gadget by selling kidneys. So, I thought what if we sell the kidneys of a lamb to buy the iPhone. Would that work? These kinds of posts are based on reality and that is why people easily and readily connect to them.”

Ibrahim is a resident of Tolichowki, and Azhar Farhan lives near Golconda. Azhar says, “It is neither easy nor possible for everyone to handle humour without hurting the readers. But, we are glad that both of us are able to do it. We took over the page when it got 3,000 likes and we are proud to say that in a year the likes have increased to 1,60,916. We get positive as well as negative feedback from our readers and we don’t take anything to heart.”

He also said that people attacked them when they posted satire about Ramadan. But all they wanted to do is to remove the negative image about Muslims and Eid. “There are youngsters who don’t strictly follow the rules during the month of Ramadan. So we thought that by trolling them, we would help them change their mind(set),” noted Azhar.

It is good to note that these youngsters are so creative that their page has been featured by Buzzfeed as the popular Facebook page from Hyderabad. The trio say that they have not set any goals for their page and just want to keep posting. “My elder sister is the only one who knows that I do something like this on Facebook. No idea how my cousins and friends came to know about this, but I felt happy when I was applauded,” concludes Ibrahim.