Petgully pulls out all stops for furry creatures

The mobile service makes sure grooming your pet is a session filled with TLC

By   |  Published: 10th Sep 2020  5:59 pm

Ask any pet parent if grooming their furry companion is an onerous task, and the answer is probably going to be in the affirmative. Making things easier for them is Petgully, a mobile grooming service started by three like-minded individuals who tapped into this particular area, taking care of everything from bathing, training the pets to even finding a match for them during mating season.

The team comprises Hima Gowri, Deepak Kumar and Lakshmi Peri who took a leap of faith with the mobile service in 2017.

“We planned for more than nine months and got seed funding from family and friends. Grooming has so many health benefits and regular grooming can keep most of the problems away for pets. Initially, we offered free grooming services for 15 days and got more patrons through word of mouth. Now, we have three fully functional mobile units,” says Lakshmi Peri, director, Petgully.

Pets of different species get a full pampering service here, a bathtub with clean, hot and cold running water, dryers, vacuum, clippers and air-conditioning. “We have our own power, water and leave no mess behind. We meticulously perform medical/tick bath, eye and dental care, and de-shedding to heal and soothe the pets. While the owner is waiting, they can do some pet accessories-related shopping also,” adds Lakshmi.

Aware that training a pet is crucial to bridge the communication gap between a pet owner and the animal, Petgully has a training programme where the trainer teaches the furry companions about heel walking, and responding to commands like ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘fetch’, ‘drop’, ‘refusing food from strangers’, etc. Before the next appointment, the team thoroughly cleans the van to keep the virus at bay.

“We keep our vans virus-free by disinfecting the entire van from body to floor, including the table and bathtub, our tools, including all towels that we use for grooming, and washing and sanitising our hands to provide the best care for your pet during these times,” says Lakshmi.

Prior to the pandemic, Petgully also sent the furry creatures to offices to ease some of the workers’ stress away. “It’s a great opportunity for folks who have always wanted to buy pets, but aren’t sure if they will be able to invest the time, effort and love required. So, this way, they get a real-time demonstration of their love and joy,” adds Lakshmi.

And suppose your dog is in heat, they can help bring a mate. Services begin from Rs 850 onwards. Call ahead (+ 91 76758 88033) to set up an appointment.

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