Pets popping out heads would melt your hearts

Melting hearts online, these photos of dogs, with their head stuck in a blanket hole, are going viral

By Author  |  Published: 22nd Apr 2019  10:10 pm

The micro-blogging platform, Twitter, has been flooded with photos of dogs taking their heads out through a blanket and posing for that ‘picture perfect’.

The thread of these photos started with Mary Beth Albright, a prominent food editor. She shared the photo of her dog Zelda, who made a big hole in the blanket. She captioned the image: “I chewed a hole through Mary Beth’s nicest blanket while she was working and now my head is stuck, please help me.”

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Following this, many retweeted by saying that they just can’t get enough of the picture. Also, many pet-parents took the thread further while sharing a similar story of their dogs and pointed out how it is something that a lot of dogs do.

As a result, many pictures of pooches made their way to the hearts of netizens reaching to every corner of Twitter.