Phone lock can reveal age

Study collected user data over 2 months, finds older people prefer auto lock feature

By Author  |  Published: 20th Jun 2019  6:58 pm
Phone lock

Older users prefer an auto lock feature compared to younger users and they also prefer using PINs over fingerprints to unlock their phones, claims a recent study.The study conducted by the University of British Columbia was presented ‘CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems’ in Glasgow, Scotland.The analysis also showed that older users used their phone less frequently than their younger counterparts. Elaborately, a 25-year-old might use their phone 20 times a day, but a 35-year-old might use it only 15 times.

The study tracked 134 volunteers, ranging from 19 to 63 years of age, through a custom app installed on their Android phones.For two consecutive months, the app collected data on lock and unlock events, choice of locks and lock status while in motion. The app also recorded the duration of user sessions.The study also found gender differences in authentication choices. As they age, men are much more likely to rely on auto locks, as opposed to manually locking their devices, compared to women.Additionally, study shows women on average use their phone longer than men.