Pick a unique stay

By Author  |  Published: 26th Aug 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 27th Aug 2017  12:40 am
Travel Tips

You feel spending the same type of vacation by booking a hotel is a monotonous thing… Well, you really haven’t tried the other kinds of accommodation then. If you have that vibe inside you, then don’t stress over it. You just need to opt a different style of accommodation, that’s it.

Go for camping
Imagine yourself lying down under the vast canopy of the open sky beside a camping tent, bonfire and millions of stars twinkling right in front of your eyes. Isn’t it interesting? There are many forums available online that offer camping tents, you just need to book them, reach the place and enjoy the stay like never before.

Stay with a host family
It might be a little insecure to think of staying with a host family because they would be strangers. You need not worry; there are many forums available online that have host families registered. You can enquire first and then proceed once you are satisfied. As they will be experienced in hosting guests and happy to meet new people, you will definitely come back with a few new stories and great travel experience.

Do volunteering
Doing volunteering needn’t always be so hectic. You need to find voluntary organisations that offer you your choice of responsibilities. You may work with a cafe, organic garden, supermarket or anything which offer you the accommodation and food for a few days.