Pick the right brush for your hair

Avoid unnecessary breakage, tangles and damage by selecting the perfect comb

By Author  |  Published: 12th Jan 2018  11:24 pmUpdated: 12th Jan 2018  9:08 pm

When you know your hair type and can invest on the best products to maintain it, make sure to use the right hair brush as well. Something we often neglect is trying to figure out which hair brush is best suited for our hair type, so here’s a list of different types of combs to get you started.

A wide tooth comb

These kinds of combs are best for coarse hair. They are less painful; there will be less breakage, unlocks the tangles easily and helps in circulating the natural oil.

Thin round brush

Perfect for people with short hair/medium-length hair, thin round brush with boar bristles is the best. It helps in smoothening your hair while it also gives volume.

Paddle brush

For people blessed with fine, strong hair that doesn’t need much maintenance can go for the paddle brush which is mixed (nylon and boar bristles).

Nylon bristles

Any hairbrush with nylon bristles are the best pick for people with thick hair. Their flexibility easily detangles the tresses and brushes your hair more smoothly.
— T Takuangla Jamir