Worth over a thousand words

Storytelling through photo-series is catching up on the internet.

By Author   |   Published: 5th Jan 2017   11:38 pm Updated: 5th Jan 2017   9:58 pm

Photo series is the latest trend of strong storytelling. Keeping the frames, lighting and other technical wonders aside, its capacity to reach to the depths of our hearts and stir the emotions there, is what makes it spellbinding. Of the numerous photo series that came out last year, three stood out particularly — for their treatment of long-standing social issues.

Colour of Skin that came out in August focussed on the age-old stigma associated with dark skin. It narrated the story of Ranika, a dark-skinned girl and her family’s struggle to get her married. Ranika’s painful journey towards the realisation that she is indeed beautiful the way she is, was captured in 37 brilliant photographs — each of which speaks a thousand words.

Coming out and Avani were fearless depictions of social evils. The former portrayed the struggles of LGBT people, through Maitreyi and Alpana, and the heart-breaking end of their love story. And the latter, Avani, named after the protagonist, unfolded the story of an intelligent and beautiful girl’s brave fight against patriarchy and for equal rights. The photos which come along with written narrations, almost give the feel of watching a movie.

All three photo series were masterstrokes of Arjun Kamath, an independent filmmaker, and they took the internet to a different level for all the right reasons.

“Photography is my passion and I often check out the works of professional photographers, for you can always learn something new from them. But Arjun Kamath’s photo series were an eye opener. They taught me that photography was not merely a means to capture and share beauty, but also a powerful weapon to fight against the injustices happening around us. Coming out is my personal favourite,” says Sudha Singh, a city-based freelance photographer and a corporate employee.

This new style in storytelling seems to be hitting the right notes whose resonance is profound and long-lasting.