A ‘Place’ for poets in Hyderabad

Mach 21 is celebrated as 'World Poetry Day'.

By Author  |  Published: 21st Mar 2019  12:15 amUpdated: 20th Mar 2019  10:00 pm
Place' for poets
Minakshi Chowdary

Hyderabad: The city of Nizam’s is not only known for its architectural splendour but also for its rich legacy and love for the written word in the form of prose and poetry.

As the whole world gets ready to celebrate ‘World Poetry Day’ on Thursday, the next generation of ‘bards’ in Hyderabad are steadily but surely reaching out and finding out their own new audience.

While the going is always tough, professional and amateur poets in Hyderabad, on the occasion of ‘World Poetry Day,’ a day adopted by UNESCO to celebrate poetry, point out that there are many forums and clubs that encourage beginners and seniors to share their poetic works with an eager audience.

Beginners who want to reach out to public with their poetry can utilise platforms such as Hyderabad Poetry Project (HPP) and Twin City Poetry Club (TCPC). Such platforms not only encourage performance poetry but also give credence to artists who are inclined towards slam poetry and recite them in events.

“We provide a platform for the slam poetry enthusiasts to come see our recitals and to understand the depth of poetry. Our forum also ideates on reading poetry, since a beginner who has just started writing, should read as well, in order to up their quality,” says Minakshi Choudhary, cofounder of Ka se Kavitha.

There are open mics in various clubs and niche groups such as Anjuman, an Urdu poetry club, which also conducts workshops to teach proper art form of Urdu poetry. To encourage young and best poets, TCPC brings out its annual anthology of poems, featuring their work.

“We conduct open mics at various places such as Gallery Café, Moonshine Project, Nirvana Bistro and other venues for beginners interested in performance poetry. Idea is to encourage new poets to open up to the world,” says Akshay Thiwari co-founder of HPP.

Zaka D Cruze, a beginner in Urdu poetry says most memorable moment for him was when he recited his written words for the first time. “I did not plan to recite my poems until I was told to just give it a shot at an event conducted by HPP. Even though I was sceptical, I managed to convey my thoughts. That was a breakthrough in my life,” says D Cruze.