Play by the rules

While joining a club, fully adhere to its norms for smooth functioning

By Author  |  Published: 20th May 2017  11:30 pmUpdated: 21st May 2017  1:00 am

The entire purpose of joining or forming a club is to nurture community feelings and thereby serve the society. It is important to adhere to the norms of the club to ensure smooth and efficient functioning. These points will tell you how.

New members
As much as it is essential to maintain professionalism, it is equally important to have a warm binding. Extend the same to new members. Introduce them to the club members and try to involve then in the activities steadily. Bombarding them with work and responsibilities will drive them away.

Be up for it
It is useless to remain a part of the club and make no contribution towards its functioning. Ensure you are involved as much as you can — be it organising, volunteering or at the least turning up for meetings and events regularly. In case you are unable to make it, make up for the absence in other ways. Pay the subscriptions on time and avoid arrears. Be a good representative of the club and encourage positive actions.

Tackling differences
Differences of opinion are bound to crop up when a group of people work together. Address the differences with respect and compassion, and try to work a way out. This isn’t the responsibility of the organising committee alone and requires the cooperation of all the members. Playing dirty politics, trying to influence other members, triggering unhealthy competition reflects bad on yourself and the community.