Pokemon’s Alchemie is making people hungry

The latest entrant in the popular series throws out scented cream when attacked

By Author  |  Published: 10th Jul 2019  8:28 pm
Pokemon's Alchemie

Cartoons can incite some powerful emotions in viewers, but it’s rare for them to make people hungry just by their looks. Pokemon creator Nintendo may not have imagined that their latest addition to the Pokemon line-up – Alcremie will make gamers crave ice cream. The new trailer for Pokémon Sword and Shield revealed several new creatures, including the delicious-looking Alcremie, who produces whipped cream used by pastry chefs to make delicious desserts. If it’s attacked, Alcremie throws off a sweet-scented cream to blind and distract the opponent. The lickable quality of this character has actually overshadowed the other two additions – Rolycoly and Duraludon.

Fans showered the creators with their licks..err tweets. User Waving Good Bi posted, “I love this pokemon. I admire Nintendo for just boldly walking into the Rule 34 nightmare that is a femme coded CREAM-themed creature.” Another user Rainbow Knight gushed about its edible quality. “I dunno what kind of monster that makes me, but I’m feeling an urge to lick it.” User Elizabeth Garcia wanted to know if its gluten free. Another swore to make a sweet out of it. “One day I’ll make this a real life cake,” posted user Regina’s ready for p5r. Some also conjectured over how the brainstorming session must have panned out. “Pokemon execs: “So, we have these legendary dragon Pokemon that can control time and space, how can we beat them”. “What if we made a pile of whipped cream that turns into a big cake that’s also fairy type?” joked user Dan Takaki.