Pranam Khareedu: Revenge saga lacks punch

Film: Praanam Khareedhu; Cast: Prashanth, Avanthika, Taraka Ratna; Director: PLK Reddy

By Author  |  Published: 15th Mar 2019  8:34 pm

He loses his fiance due to negligence of a doctor and a businessman. He vows revenge and decides to kidnap and kill the loved ones of the duo in front of their eyes. That’s Praanam Khareedu in nutshell.

Ram is the young man seeking revenge and unaware of his plot, Shyam, the doctor, and Anji, the businessman, are continuing with their daily routine. They get into a cab only to realise how deep they are in trouble and all they could do is just follow the instructions given by the driver.

Meanwhile, Ram kills two persons to make Shyam and Anji believe that they will also be killed. Will Shyam and Anji manage to escape from Ram or will Ram kill them? Watch the movie.

Debutant Prashanth plays Ram and Avanthika is seen as his fiancé Sree in the film directed by debutant director PLK Reddy. The film has Taraka Ratna as a cop and, after a long time, he got a meaty role to play. Shafi plays a pivotal role in helping Taraka Ratna solve the case. Gemini Suresh as Shyam and Chitram Seenu as Anji are pretty good in their roles.

The story of Praanam Khareedhu is a routine one. Lack of screenplay and camera handling, lag and amateurish acting by the lead pair are the drawbacks of the film. Major portion of the story takes place in a car and in most of the scenes, the faces go blurred.

Prashanth gives his best and tries hard to impress the audience with his skills. Background music and tunes composed by Vandemataram Srinivas are really good.