Prep yourself for Comic Con

If you're up for the event this weekend, then this is how you can work on your look without hassles

By Author  |  Published: 12th Oct 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 13th Oct 2017  12:32 am
Comic Con

The Comic Con is here and you must be wondering how to dress up and look great without overdoing it. Here are a few tips for the Comic Con that are easy to own.

Accessorise yourself

You have plenty of options. From jewellery to handbags, you can buy any of them that compliment the occasion. You can go for geeky handbags with comic prints, headbands, even a bracelet or a neckpiece that sport some Comic Con characters. You can even find shoes with comic prints, which would be enough if you do not want to accessorise much.

Find an outfit

It needs a little hunting if you want to dress yourself a little bit like the cosplayers, and, if it is not in your wishlist then, find a skirt that has prints of your favourite comic character(s) or you can even buy a t-shirt which can be easily found in stores and online as well. If you really cannot find anything, then a black t-shirt with geeky accessories should suffice.

Customise on own

If you are ready to work on something all by yourself, then, you can prepare a mask using the craft papers and other stuff available in stores. It is easy to make but needs your time, concentration and patience all together. You can even try to customise accessories for yourself taking tips from YouTube.

Be comfortable

Before anything else, it is important to know your comfort level. If it is your first time, then, do not just jump into anything for the sake of fun or just to fit in. You can even experience the fun of Comic Con without doing anything with your look. Just wear a jeans and a black t-shirt, and you are all set for the event.