Prepare a fitness resolution list for this New Year

It is this time of your when you need to sort your priorities out and work towards it

By Author  |  Published: 29th Dec 2017  11:18 pmUpdated: 30th Dec 2017  12:44 am
Fitness resolution

With New Year round the corner, many must have already prepared their resolution list. Some of those people are definitely fitness freaks. If you are one of them, then this is the time to right the wrongs of 2017, made in your fitness regime.

Write down your goal

You cannot travel back to the past but you can start afresh. It is very difficult to follow a strict fitness routine in a busy professional life and also when you have great bunch of friends to hang out with at exotic cafes. In 2018, try to write down your expectations for yourself and set a time-frame. Do not make it intense; try to achieve your goal step by step.

Follow the diet

No matter how hard you work out, if you are undisciplined with your diet; the goal will forever be unachievable. You need not cut down on your ice-creams and chocolates completely; the only necessary thing is to strike a balance between the advised diet and cheat meal. A cheat day once in a while is very must to keep the journey interesting.

Visit gym often

If not every day, then make sure you visit the gym at least thrice a week. In the beginning, wearing new shoes and gym wear to visit the gym must be very exciting but the muscle soreness might take away your interest. And, this is when you have to remind yourself, your goal is beyond any pain.

Try different activities

If you do not feel like going to gym any day, do not force yourself, as gym is not the only option you have. Instead of gym, you can go for running, practice yoga, try zumba and other fitness forms.

Buy right gadget

There are plenty of gadgets and apps available to encourage the fitness freaks but you need to choose the best one. It is always better if you choose something that connects you to a community of peers with similar goals. There are a few apps which you can download and get motivated right from the beginning of 2018.