Prices of vegetables and pulses touch a new low in Sangareddy

Most vegetables in the weekly markets are being sold below Rs 30 per kg.

By   |  Published: 5th Feb 2017  7:56 pmUpdated: 6th Feb 2017  12:47 am

Sangareddy: Seldom have we seen the news of the decline in the prices of vegetables, but it did happen in these parts of Telangana. The prices of vegetables, rice, pulses and other commodities touched a new low in the markets.

The news has brought cheers to the woman in particular as they could save about 50 per cent of their monthly budget. The prices of pulses have slumped to a new low when compared their prices in the past few years. The price of one kg red gram went up to Rs 210/ kg across Telangana a year ago and black gram to Rs 180/ kg. These two pulses and other pulses had been sold at over Rs 150/ kg from the second half of 2015 to until recently.

Bringing cheers to the consumers, the prices of red gram has come down to Rs 75/ kg and black gram to Rs 90/ kg while green gram and bengal gram prices have come down to Rs 70/ kg and Rs 90/ kg respectively. The prices of red lentils have also been dropped to Rs 75/ kg. Meanwhile, vegetables such as tomato and onion have also touched a new low. Tomato is being sold at Rs 5/ kg while the first-grade onions are sold at Rs 10/ kg.

Most of the vegetables in the weekly markets are being sold below Rs 30/ kg while a good number of them were sold at Rs 20/ kg. The cost of the leafy vegetables also saw a sudden dip in the markets across Sangareddy, Siddipet, and Medak markets. The price of rice also saw a considerable decline as the first grade rice is being sold around Rs 35/ kg, which was sold at Rs 45/ kg a few months ago. Speaking to ‘Telangana Today’, a housewife, B Sumathi said she could save half of her kitchen’s budget with the unprecedented fall in the prices of the vegetables, pulses, and rice. 

Like every development will have its two sides, the sharp decline had a serious impact on the farming community as the horticulture farmer, red gram farmer in these parts of the Telangana have suffered huge losses.  As their daily spending on the kitchen came down, the profit margin of the hotels have been increased considerably during the past couple of months.

According to a recent survey carried out by ICRISAT (International Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics), only 37 per cent of people in the State consume pulses regularly. Sangareddy based Doctor Srinivas Reddy said that the consumption levels would certainly increase among the poor and middle class as the commodities had become cheaper.