Products that relieve stress for working people

These quirky products are sure to help today’s working lot to relieve their stress

By Author  |  Published: 13th May 2018  8:03 pm
working people

If there is anything common to all the working people around the world, that would be the work-related stress. Be it your favourite job in your dream firm or blessed with chilled out boss, or even if you are your own boss, there is that stress factor involved.

And with the changing times, people have also discovered new ways to burst their stress. And thanks to e-commerce, there are many products available online to help you deal with the issue.

Here are a few products employees are turning to, to calm their nerves:

Poking the voodoo doll

If there is any official ‘I hate my boss’ boss community, it would eternally be overcrowded with active members. You put in all your blood and sweat into the project and boss appreciates your colleague, now that is where you lose it but wouldn’t dare to flaunt it. So, here is where poking the doll comes into picture. Poke this voodoo doll with needles as long as you want till you vent out all the frustration.

working people Stress buster punching ball

This punching ball is now being seen on most of the employees’ desks. You never know when you get that sudden burst of frustration which comes with the strong desire to punch someone in the face. Now, you can’t do that for obvious reasons; so, today’s employees are buying these punching bags to vent it all out in the most effective way.


Having plants or a small fish bowl is another common sight on office desks nowadays. People are not hesitating to spend on the products which would help them calm those nerves at work.