Promoting body positivity on TV

These fictional characters show you how to embrace yourself in every way

By   |  Published: 13th Aug 2018  10:33 pm

We get attached to the characters of our favourite TV shows. Like, don’t you just love the weird vibes of Phoebe Buffay and envy the memory of Michael Ross? And, didn’t it just break your heart when *spoiler alert* Anjali Mathur ends up getting shot? Now, imagine such characters promote a crucial issue like body positivity. The inspiration you take away from the shows then relates to a personal level.

Check out few characters from TV shows that promote body positivity:

Sookie St James, Gilmore Girls

The character of Sookie is one of the most memorable characters played by Melisa McCarthy. And, probably one among the few where it’s all about the lovely character she plays and nothing about her size. A talented chef, a great friend and well, little clumsy – that’s how you describe Sookie St James from Gilmore Girls.

Hannah Horvath, Girls

Hannah Horvath’s character is a game changer when it comes to portrayal of female bodies. Hannah does whatever she wants, wears whatever she wishes to and doesn’t let mainstream standards of beauty influence her. She doesn’t even shy away from showing off her nude body just the way it is.

Sadie Saxton, Awkward

Sadie Saxton is someone who suffers from body image issues despite being perfectly built and absolutely pretty. However, Sadie Saxton is a character which is very much relatable and is truly refreshing to see how she continues to be the wittiest and bossiest high schooler ever!