Proso millet puttu

Chef Rambabu comes up with a tasty recipe inspired by the Kerala puttu, which will have you going for seconds.

By Author  |  Published: 13th Aug 2017  12:22 amUpdated: 13th Aug 2017  12:43 am
Kerala puttu

* Cooking time: 30min
* Servings: 2


* Proso millet rice: 1 cup
* Grated coconut: ½ cup
* Salt to taste


* Soak proso millet for 4-5 hours and dry them in shade on a cloth for 20min

* Grind them to a powder while still it is moist.

* Roast the proso millet flour in a pan to remove the moisture.

* This can be stored in a container and used whenever we want to prepare the puttu.

* Take a wide plate and spread the above flour. Add salt and sprinkle hot water lttle by little and press the flour gently with fingers to spread the moisture uniformly in the flour.

* Keep it aside for 5 min.· Fill it in the puttu mould, alternating puttu flours with grated coconut layer i.e. one layer of puttu flour and another one layer of grated coconut.

* Steam it for 5-7 min.

* Puttu is generally eaten with channa curry/ripe banana.

* It is very nutritious food.


* If puttu mould is not available, idly mould can be used.· Otherwise, it can be steamed on a cloth tied to a wide mouthed vessel by spreading the grated coconut and the flour in layers.

* Rock candy powder or jiggery powder along with a little ghee and cardamom powder may be added to the puttu when it is hot to prepare sweet puttu.

* All varieties of millets can be used to prepare puttu.


* Water should be sprinkled on the flour only in small quantities. It should not be poured directly.

* While mixing the dough it should be mixed with the fingers, to make it soft and absorbent.