PVRK Prasad – combination of sagacious attitude and practical wisdom

Published: 23rd Aug 2017   10:39 pm Updated: 24th Aug 2017   1:04 am
PVRK Prasad
PVRK Prasad (left) with the author.

Very few people are born for a purpose and they are called “Kaarana Janmulu”, while millions of others come into the world for no specific reason. Such people look like the ‘commonest’ among commoners, doing routine things, may be with a difference. Very few people are born for a purpose and they are called “Kaarana Janmulu”, while millions of others come into the world for no specific reason. Such people look like the ‘commonest’ among commoners, doing routine things, may be with a difference. There was one such gentleman who was known for his sagacious and spiritual attitude and practical wisdom and he was none other than PVRK Prasad – (Patri Venkata Rama Krishna Prasad) — retired IAS officer of the 1966 batch of the Andhra Pradesh cadre. He was born to Patri Krishna Rao, a well-known headmaster and Subhadra Devi on August 23, 1941, in Gudur, Nellore district.   

A distinguished student from KG to PG, he was always considered a child prodigy. With a Masters degree in English literature, Development Administration and Jurisprudence, his was a brilliant academic career. As an accredited IAS officer, he started his career as Sub-Collector in Bhongir of Nalgonda District followed by being posted as Collector of Khammam District, Secretary to Chief Minister, EO of Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanams (TTD), Chairman of Visakhapatnam Port Trust, Media Advisor to the Prime Minister of India, Principal Secretary of Higher Education, Director General of Dr. MCR HRD Institute. He retired as Special Chief Secretary in the combined State of AP.

Excels in every posting

Whatever position he held, he made it a focal point, endearing people and the higher echeons, may it be an Excise, Public Relations or Higher Education posting. He excelled in every position he held as an IAS officer by making it emulative. Among all the positions he held, perhaps, his posting as EO, TTD, and Media Advisor to the Indian PM accredited him as a distinguished officer. His inimitable style of verbal or written communication, the photographic memory, indomitable will, indefatigable energy, extensive study of the subject coupled with commitment, empathy for the poor and deserving connected him almost to every section of society. Perhaps his integrity and honesty made him the ‘hero of his times’.   

PVRK’s forte was his commitment, confidence, competence in Sanathana Dharma and its forms and practices. He was a hardcore dharmik personality with sincere adherence to dharmik values right from his earlier days. As EO in TTD, he had incredible experiences in the form of divine inferences, interference proving to be a kind of direct dialogue between him and Lord Venkateswara over the most crucial issues and delicate and difficult situations. PVRK brought to the fore all his experience in TTD, which reflected in terms of the phenomenal development of the temple complex in Tirumala. The Herculean task for him as EO, TTD, was perhaps the evacuation of the residents and settlers in Tirumala to pave way for the smooth development of the Temple Town into a global pilgrim centre. 

Implementation skills 

The projects such as ‘Annamacharya’, ‘Dasa Sahitya’, ‘Alwar Divya Prabandha’,  ‘Bhagavatha’ and ‘Vedic’ propagation echo his initiatives and implementation skills. Making the voluminous Bhagavad Gita available for Re 1 was one of his intelligent initiatives of Dharma Prachaaram. He compiled all his experiences, stretching over four years as EO, TTD (1979-1983), in a book ‘Naaham Karthaa Harih Karthaa’ (I am not the author – Sri Hari is the only author) which went into 16 editions in Telugu and was also translated into English and other regional languages. He also authored a few more books such as ‘Asalem Jarigindante’ (How it all happened), ‘Tirumala Charithaamrutham’, ‘Tirumala Leelaamrutham’ and so on.  

Friend of the hapless  

His affiliation and adherence to Uttaraadi Mutt of Madhwa Sampradaya brought him closer to hundreds of Peethams and Mutts across India that he became an integral part of the development of these Mutts wherever they were situated. Similarly, during his period as EO, TTD, Dasa Sahitya Project was launched and thousands of followers of Vaishnava Dasaas learnt Purandara Daasa Keerthanas.    

PVRK as friend, philosopher and guide of Dhanvantari Foundation, initiated many self-employment and vocational guidance initiatives wherein hapless and helpless women in the foundation were trained and provided employment. 

His acquaintances spread from Cape Cameron to the Himalayas. As his employee and later secretary for over ten years, this writer knew pretty well that he did neither utter a single syllable against any caste or religion though he was much distressed and disturbed over the prevailing conversions and the threatening forms of proselytization. PVRK was also a great humanitarian and philanthropist. This writer remembers how he donated whatever he received as presentations to the trusts and humble organisations for their development and uplift. 

Guiding spirit

As the Chairman of Hindu Dharma Parirakshana Trust (HDPT), established by the Andhra Pradesh Endowments Department in 2010, he was the guiding spirit of the department and towering inspiration for its employees. Identifying Samarasata Seva Foundation (SSF) as the executive arm of HDPT, now about 400 Dharma Pracharaks are burning midnight oil to accomplish the targets set by PVRK. 

It must be said that we may not adequately pay our debt of gratitude to him except to continue his mission and tread on his path of Dharma sincerely and respectfully as Lord Krishna said:

Yadyat aacharathi shreshtah tatta devetharo janah   Sa yat pramaanam kuruthe lokah thadanu varthathe — 3-21 Geetha

The Endowments Department of Andhra Pradesh remembers him with humble gratitude and pays respectful tributes to the inspiring memory of Prasad garu for his motivation and guidance as the Chairman of Hindu Dharma Parirakshana Trust.    It may be a divine coincidence that on the day of his birth 77 years ago he left the mortal body on the new moon day of Sravana Maasam during Aslesha Star, leaving behind a gaping vacuum. 

— C. Vijaya Raghavacharyulu  

(Secretary, Hindu Dharma Parirakshana Trust Endowments Department, Andhra Pradesh)