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The ‘startup’ initiative by UOH students aims at educating students through entertainment

By   |  Published: 11th Sep 2020  12:11 amUpdated: 11th Sep 2020  12:48 am
From left, Pranay Rajiv, Treesa Binny and Zaman S Khan.

A group of students from Centre for Integrated Studies, University of Hyderabad, has come a long way as their startup initiative “QCompany” is gradually becoming a name to reckon with in the quizzing arena across the platforms. The trio, Pranay Rajiv, Treesa Binny and Zaman S Khan shared a common passion for quizzing, which made them determined to make it accessible for all in a far more entertaining manner. Covering diverse topics, QCompany becomes the perfect stop for quizzing enthusiasts with their innovative and inventive methods.

In their early days, the QCompany kept the campus community guessing through the several quizzes they conducted in UOH. They hosted quiz shows at TISS Hyderabad, won over the audience with a sports quiz at B.Dubs Gachibowli, to name a few. They officially launched their ‘startup’ in 2019. Being active online more than ever under current circumstances, the vibrant team at “QCompany” has held number of quizzes’ on social media platforms ever since the lockdown. Making them popular across the quizzing circles in the country, specially Hyderabad and Kerala.

Looking deeper into it, “Quizzing” has always had multiple benefits. While it gives students a break from traditional classroom learning, it serves as an interactive platform where they get to learn more. It improves critical thinking, encourages teamwork, making them better prepared for the challenges ahead.

A quick recap of Indian “quizzing” history, the first formal quiz in India was conducted by Neil O’Brien in Calcutta in 1967. ‘Quizzing’ evolved over the years with iconic quiz master Hamid Sayani hosting the first ever Bournvita Quiz Contest for high school students (to go on the air) on All India Radio in 1972. ‘Quiz Time’ with Siddhartha Basu, widely regarded as the “Father of Indian television quizzing”, was a household affair in the late 80’s. Moving in to the 90’s, Derek O’Brien kept the young quiz enthusiasts glued on to their television screens with his questions that sparked curiosity. With the help of these ‘gamechangers’ quizzing has been a revelation ever since then in the country. Taking cue from these stalwarts, youngsters across the nation continue to carry forward the legacy of ‘quizzing’ in different forms adapting to the modern times.

The ‘QCompany’ hosting sports quiz at B.Dubs, Gachibowli.

“We’ve recently started using FB live quizzes as a tool for increasing engagement on social media pages. It’s heartwarming to see an increase in the number of quizzes during this lockdown, as more people are coming in for ‘quizzes’. We are also trying to bring about a shift of attitude from viewing quizzing as a ‘competition’ to looking upon it as a ‘fun exercise’. We’ve discovered that online platforms are quite effective as general interest in quizzing has increased ever since we have started quizzing online.”, says Pranay Rajiv, one of the founders of QCompany.

Co-founder Zaman is of the opinion that going online has brought them closer to achieving ‘their’ dream of assisting the growth of ‘accessibility of knowledge’ since more people are coming across quizzes shattering several misconceptions regarding such events.

“At the same time we have also not forgotten about the people who are not able to access online platforms and are definitely working on methods for finding safe, offline accessible platforms for such people”, adds Zaman.

Co-founder at QCompany, Treesa Binny says “Quizzing is more than just a mind sport. It inculcates curiosity in people of all ages. It helps build logical reasoning and helps people adapt with changes and failure better. In children, we hope to spark an interest in quizzing as an activity that they could enjoy while they learn. We believe using quizzes for knowledge dissemination could bring a lot of positive changes to the educational sphere that could motivate and help children, especially those who struggle with the normal, standardised learning methods.”

“QCompany” is intricately designed for curious minds where they could explore and expand their realms of Knowledge, at the same time engage in some fun-filled activities for an ever memorable quizzing experience.

A quiz program held by the “QCompany” at Nosh Haus Cafe, Kochi.

To contact “QCompany” you can ring 9492138398 or mail at [email protected]

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