Quirk up those old outfits

Here are few common tricks that can add an extra edge to your regular and boring outfits

By Author  |  Published: 2nd Dec 2018  6:22 pm

No matter how many things you buy, clothes that are handmade are always special. It is not necessary to associate fashion with celebrities all the time. It’s the way you carry yourself that matters more than the clothes you wear or accessories used. Thanks to internet and DIY videos, youngsters can now create their own fashion statement; something that shows off their individuality and style.

“My sister and I enjoy playing around with our old clothes and trying to turn them into something else,” says Pooja, a resident of Kachiguda. “It allows us to spend quality time with each other and if our tricks work, it even leads to quirky outfits,” she adds.

Paint your own sneakers

Winters and ice cream do go hand-in-hand. Since shoes rule the roost during chilly weather, bring an element of your favourite dessert into the mix.

All you need is a pair of white sneakers, a few colours, brush and a mixing tray and you’re sorted. Squeeze a little of each colour into separate compartments of the tray. Dip the brush into the colour, slightly tilt the brush and gently touch it on the sneaker. Repeat the process with rest of the colours one after the other, and flaunt your ‘vanilla ice-cream with sprinklers’ looking sneakers.

Tasseled jeans

Take a pair of faded old jeans and give them a ‘tassel’ makeover. Collect colourful ready-made tassels and sew them around the bottom of your jeans alternatively. Once this is done, trim the ends of the threads so that they are of equal length.

Shape up

Take a large size dress and turn it inside out. Bundle up 2-3 inches of the cloth right down the middle and use it to tie a knot. Flip the dress on to the right side and be ready to dazzle the crowd at the party.

Best out of waste

Everyone has this one old shirt lying in the closet for years which you can neither wear nor discard. What if there was a way of making it fashionable enough to wear? All you need is a pair of scissors, hem tape, a ruler, thread, your favourite shirt and an iron box. Use the hem tape and place it on the cut edges of the shirt and iron it. Identify the centre of the shirt, and attach an oversized button in a place that suits you best, it can either be at the top of the shirt, making the shirt a closed one on top or in the middle, like a cardigan.