Radio continues to charm listeners

Despite innovations, a good number of people still tune in for music, news and more.

By Author  |  Published: 24th Jan 2017  9:26 pm
Kirana store owner, Srinivas tuning his radio. Photo: Arrangement

Karimnagar: The world has become a small village with the innovation of the internet. All thanks to smartphones, we have the whole world in our hands. Despite all these new innovations, the old medium of communication, radio, is still seen to be radiating its charm.

While the students and educated youths prepare for competitive examinations such as UPSC, Group services, banking and railways, others listen to BBC to know the national and international news. And then there are also people listening to radio’s various FM channels.

Besides listening to their favourite songs broadcast by the local FM radio stations, rural people, especially farmers, listen to radio to know the cultivation methods and techniques to protect the standing crops from tiresome weather conditions. It also helps the farming community to know the prices of various produces in different markets.

There are businessmen — right from small shops to big showrooms — who have arranged TV sets to watch news and other programmes, and there are some who enjoy tuning in to the radio.

Srinivas, a kirana shop owner, says he has been listening to radio for the last 18 years. Srinivas, who does not know how to operate a smartphone, depends on radio for news and songs. A native of Elgandal Fort village, Srinivas migrated to Karimnagar town for his children’s education.

Speaking to Tabloid Today, Srinivas said he would sell stuff to customers while listening to songs and news. He would regularly have lunch while listening to Telugu songs. Likewise, Mallaiah of Kothapalli, who is a farmer, said that he would regularly follow Padi Panta programme to know new innovations in agriculture sector and techniques to protect crop from insects.