Rahul Gandhi’s Jaado Ki Jhappi with Modi and the wink that followed is internet’s latest craze

By Author  |  Published: 20th Jul 2018  6:23 pmUpdated: 20th Jul 2018  6:38 pm
Rahul Gandhi Hug
Rahul Gandhi winks after hugging Narendra Modi

Hyderabad:Rahul Gandhi gave a fiery speech in the parliament earlier today, with the no confidence motion going on. He took several potshots at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and especially over Modi’s trips abroad and his alleged alliances with top businessmen.

He also spoke about how the Modi government has ignored the farmers’ loan issue while waiving off loans of rich businessmen and also took potshots at Modi’s ‘hugplomacy’. However, what stole the show was when he walked up to the Prime Minister and gave him a hug in the house. Rahul then walked back to where he was sitting and he then gave a wink.

These two gestures, have been interpreted in many ways, as the hug has been alluded to Gandhian ideology, a potshot at Modi hugging foreign leaders and businessmen, and more. Screengrabs of the hug and the wink went viral on social media, with several twitter users interpreting them in their own ways and making memes and cartoons out of them.

The hashtags Jaadokijhapppi and Gandhigiri (both from the Munnabhai series) are being used extensively.

Funniest of them all are the ones that compares Rahul Gandhi’s wink with Priya Prakash Varrier, the girl who stole the internet a few months ago with her wink.