Ramana Gogula: The Renaissance man

Music director, singer, engineer, entrepreneur — Ramana Gogula isn’t somebody who would settle down with just one designation

By   |  Published: 24th Mar 2019  12:00 amUpdated: 23rd Mar 2019  9:11 pm

The proverb, “One foot cannot stand on two boats” doesn’t hold any importance to this multitalented individual. He effortlessly strides through the various career paths that he chose and keeps it rocking, like a pro. Speaking of rocking, don’t we all miss that one-of-a-kind music of the rock star, Ramana Gogula?

Well, let us tell you the wait is almost over. Ramana is now working on a colossal irrigation project which has potential to impact the life of over 300 million farmers in India. Looks like we just cannot expect average things from this Renaissance man!

Born in Visakhapatnam, Ramana Gogula has never lowered his bar. After becoming an engineering graduate, he went on to get an MTech degree in mechanical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and, later, Master’s in Computer Science from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. But, his love for the motherland brought him back to India.

Now, let that Vayyari Bhama play through the speaker, sip the morning chai, and read on this conversation Tabloid Today had with the virtuoso that Ramana Gogula is.

Motherland and music

“I worked for several start-ups in the USA after finishing my Master’s. But, then, I came to India and fell in love with this country all over again. And the realisation struck me only after I came back that this (India) is where I want to spend the rest of my life,” said the engineer for whom music has always been a part of his life. “Though I never imagined that music would be such a major focus in my life, it has always been there. When I was in the US, I have been part of a band and collaborated with several musicians. And, before I came back to India, I made an album. After coming back, I saw that music videos were a thing here in India, so, I produced the album myself and made a video,” he added.

Well, what happened after that is history we all know very well.

“When Venkatesh and director (of Premante Idera) Jayanth approached me, I was running a multinational company and I didn’t know how films actually worked but they persisted that I take up the offer and I did,” reminisced

Thus started his music stint in Telugu cinema!

Outside music

Ramana is many things outside music. He served as CEO for a multinational company called Sybase. As an entrepreneur, he has also founded companies in the areas of e-learning, entertainment, and clean energy. But, wait, it gets more interesting… “I got a call from Stanley Black & Decker about two years ago asking me to help them with an agricultural project. It’s a solar agricultural project that impacts the life of over 300 million farmers. This is huge! Today, water pumps used by the farmer use up to 20% of the electricity generated. The project we are working on is completely off-grid and we are using AI systems which determine how much water must be drawn and from how deep. We are building a total intelligent being. The idea is to build an ecosystem around the pump,” enthusiastically explained Ramana and he assured that he would come back to make some music once this project is done.

One of his start-ups, called Earthen Glow which is still very much active, works towards providing LED lights to the downtrodden areas where there is no electricity. Ramana’s area of concentration is the Northeast States. This man is all for the sustainable future.

And more…

Just when we thought there can’t be more tags to this one person, Ramana revealed his love for books. “I love to read books and I want to write books. The way I pick up books is really strange; I just randomly select a book looking at the cover, sometimes the attractive titles and the covers. I have actually discovered many amazing authors this way, one of them is Eknath Easwaran. I picked up his book by chance and was completely blown away with his writing,” he shared.

But, when he pens down his book, what would that be about? “I would love to write a book for my daughter who is in her teens now. As a parent, there are certain things that we can’t discuss with our children, so, I want this book to be, sort of, like a map for her. Anytime she needs an answer for something, I would want her to find that in the book,” said Gogula who also wants to write something he strongly believes in – one need not be good at only one thing, one could most possibly be that jack of all trades.

So, all the readers, music lovers, tech enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs, Ramana Gogula has something for everybody!