Rangula Ratnam: Shines with genuine characters

Movie: Rangula Ratnam Director: Shreeranjani Cast: Raj Tarun, Chitra Shukla, Priyadarshi, Sithara

By Author  |  Published: 14th Jan 2018  9:30 pm
Rangula Ratnam
Slim plot: Different characters slowly evolve and present their true selves.  


Coming as a Sankranti festive offering, ‘Rangula Ratnam’ hit the screens amid an average talk about other releases at box office this week. How viewers respond to this Raj Tarun-starrer is to be seen.

Vishnu (Raj Tarun) leads a happy and carefree life along with his mother, portrayed by Sithara. His carefree life runs its course when he comes across Keerti (Chitra Shukla) whose attitude towards life is in sharp contrast to that of Vishnu. But then, love is love and how those falling in love wade through different approaches and circumstances is what the movie is all about.

Though director Shreeranjani has a rather slim plot, her narrative lacing different elements such as mother-son bonding, contrasting approaches seeking a common ground and friendships and relations, is appreciable.

In the first-half, the director runs the story presenting the lifestyles of the lead pair with inclusion of comedy and parental bonding.

The second half takes off intensifying the plot with conflicts that do come in the wake of falling in love. The director does attempt to keep the narrative flowing but at times, it struggles. Different characters slowly evolve and present their true selves. The screenplay gets a good support from the music of Sricharan Pakala.

On the acting front, Priyadarshi as hero’s friend steals the show with his humour and timing and keeps boosting the movie whenever the story slows down. Raj Tarun’s acting in a boy-next-door avatar is impressive while Chitra Shukla looks pretty. The production values of Annapurna Studios get big thumbs up.