Read to know the health benefits of indoor plants

Keeping plants in indoor work environments improves health and productivity of employees

By Author  |  Rishika Bajjuri  |  Published: 23rd May 2019  9:25 pm
Reducing stress

Biophilia exists within each of us. From our innate desire to be connected with nature to taking care of plant life as if it were our own, surrounding yourself around natural environments contributes to many benefits relating to the mind, body and soul. This concept also applies to one’s work space as well.

In fact, according to recent studies, not only do plant-filled spaces inspire creativity but also improve brain function for a better result. All in all, these wonderful refreshers add major positive benefits for organisations and their employees.

Reduces stress

It is suitable to say that the mere presence of plants elicits a subconscious reaction which, in turn, subsidies to reduced stress levels that are so commonly prevalent in the work area. Even psychologically speaking, the colour green is generally associated with generating a relaxing and calming effect to the overall environment.

Increases productivity

Plants account to the growth of productivity by reducing stress, improving memory retention and lifting staff spirits. Studies have proven that in addition to decrease in anger and hostility, there is a sufficient reduction in fatigue as well. To be psychologically engaged and happier so you work better, consider placing a plant or two on your desk.

They clean the air

An obvious one to say at the very least, plants do an excellent job at offering us what we need to survive by absorbing what we don’t need. It is scientifically established that plants are adept at removing chemicals such as benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde from the air, making it cleaner for humans to breathe.

Boosts creativity

According to the attention restoration theory, looking at nature or even images of nature can alleviate brain function, making those who are within its surroundings concentrate better in order to perform more efficiently.

Moderates noise levels

Reducing stress

By absorbing sounds, plants help to reduce the distracting effects of background office chatter. Positioning large plant pots, in multiple locations in the edges and corners of a room, gives the great positive benefits for a healthier work environment.