Rediscover authentic drinks at Hyderabad’s ‘GoliSoda’

Hyderabad-based startup GoliSoda launches 10 natural beverages; plans expansion.

By Author  |  Business Bureau  |  Published: 28th Mar 2018  5:45 pm
The core group of Hyderabad-based GoliSoda

Hyderabad: Major part of our childhood is filled with memories of a fizzy pop bottle called Goli Soda to quench our thirst. However, the advent of newer drinks and soda like Coke, Pepsi and other juices may have diminished the use of authentic natural drinks. In order to revive the culture of drinking natural juices, four young entrepreneurs got together two-years ago and launched GoliSoda. With almost 10 ethnic natural beverages under its kitty, the company which was testing its offerings is now all set for expansion.

GoliSoda offers beverages like Coconut water, Sugarcane juice, Badam milk, Rose milk, Fruit milk, Arabian style pulpy grape juice, Nannari sherbet, Spiced buttermilk, Watermelon juice and Paanakam. It has presence in four outlets of its own and plans to open nine new dedicated outlets in the next few days. Other than this, it also has tie-ups with 25 major restaurants in and around the city and plans to increase this count to 90 restaurants by end of this year, wherein it will also offer specialised drinks.

“We have been piloting our products through our limited presence and have got great response from people in the city. This made us plan our expansion and expand our footprint not only in Hyderabad but also in other cities. We have our own manufacturing plant in Hyderabad which has a capacity of making 10,000 bottles per shift and we can work in two shifts,” said Ravi Teja Jallepalli, founder, GoliSoda. Jallepalli also added that the company plans to increase its sales from 2,000 bottles per day to 12,000 bottles per day.

In terms of city expansion, GoliSoda plans to get into Bengaluru and Chennai after July. For this expansion, other than having a dedicated manufacturing plant somewhere in between Bengaluru and Chennai, the company is also looking at a capital investment of Rs 2.5 to Rs 3 crore.

The company procures its raw material from farmers from neighbouring villages or towns and makes all the beverages in sterile conditions thus making it more hygienic and natural. “We do not add any preservatives and adhere to the age-old practices of making these beverages,” said Jallepalli, a chartered accountant and economics degree holder from London School of Economics. The other members of the core group include Krishna, Srikanth and Naren.