Reign of King Kohli begins

The last England tour in 2014 was a big lesson for him where he hit a new low with his batting. But that made him more determined.

AuthorPublished: 21st Jan 2017  1:00 amUpdated: 20th Jan 2017  8:21 pm

It is too early to discuss whether Virat Kohli can be the best player of his time, or any time. It is, however, not too soon to debate whether Kohli has the most beautiful game. The champion cricketer has been an epitome of modern day game. He brings panache and power to all formats of the game. He creates beauty on the field, be it in batting, fielding or while leading the Indian team in Tests, ODIs or the T20s. Having taken over the reins of captaincy from Mr Cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni, in Test cricket two years ago, the cricket’s run machine signaled his anointment in shorter format with a bang by clinching the one-day series against the hapless Englishmen. Indian cricket is lucky that Kohli has followed in the footsteps of the great Sachin Tendulkar to challenge for a place in cricket’s Hall of Fame. Kohli, at a quick glance, bears a passing resemblance of Tendulkar. The 28-year-old uses his willow like a sculptor’s chisel. He teases and tortures opponents in a clinical fashion. By his own admission, the last England tour in 2014 was a big lesson for him where he hit a new low with his batting. But that made him more determined. He made a few technical adjustments to his batting in the company of Tendulkar and roared back to form against the mighty Australians Down Under. Since then Kohli has shown stunning versatility. He has left others behind in his single-minded pursuit of excellence. He is mentally the strongest player in the game. His whole idea of fitness has changed and raised the bar in his new cricket journey. As he said, he had to make a lot of sacrifices, particularly in diet. It was difficult in the first three months when he had to resist his favourite Punjabi delicacies.

He has already shown signs of being a great leader with his inspirational qualities, energy and passion. He is setting an example for his teammates. Most of the Indian players look up to him for the way he builds his innings. As one player said, the kind of energy, enthusiasm and passion that Kohli has on the field, it spreads on to all of them. Most importantly, Kohli is somebody who is not just looking to have great performances individually but he wants to take the team along. Many admit he always shows them the way, sharing his experience and giving his feedback, by telling th