Reincarnation or coincidence?

While caring for the infants, John noticed thatinspite of being identical twins; both the girls had different birthmarks.

By   |  Published: 30th Jul 2017  12:03 amUpdated: 30th Jul 2017  12:04 am

Reincarnation… a mystery by itself. Does reincarnation really happen or is it just a way of people hanging on to their deceased loved ones?

The case of Pollock twins is a strange tale underlines the idea that our loved ones always find a way to come back to us. The family consisted of John and Florence and their two daughters, Joanna and Jacqueline aged 11 and 6 respectively. But this perfect family was torn apart when their two daughters along with one of their friend (Anthony Lyden) were the victims of a car crash while they were on their way to a church on 5th May, 1957. All the three children died instantly due to the impact.

Naturally, both John and Florence were devastated by this tragedy but they clung onto the hope; they hoped that one day the clouds would part and sun will shine on them again; they hoped that they would be blessed with a child again. It was like a dream come true for the couple when they found out that Florence was pregnant again. Despite the doctor saying that Florence was carrying only one child, John insisted that she was going to have twins and that the souls of their beloved daughters were coming back to them. And to everyone’s astonishment, John’s prediction turned out to be accurate; Florence indeed gave birth to twin girls on the 4th of October, 1958. Saying that the couple was happy was an understatement; both John and Florence’s joy knew no bounds. They named their twin daughters Gillian and Jennifer.

While caring for the infants, John noticed thatinspite of being identical twins; both the girls had different birthmarks. The marks on Jennifer’s body were identical to the ones on Jacqueline’s. When the twins turned 3 months old, the family relocated to Whiteley Bay. The family drove to Hexam after a long time when the twins were nearly four years old, when the twins started pointing out landmarks that they had never seen before; like when they drove past the school that the dead sisters attended, the twins swore that it was their school and that they used to attend it. It was then that the family started to take these signs seriously and decided to find out more about the twins strange behavior. They dug out all the old toys that Joanna and Jacqueline possessed and were astonished to see that the twins could identify and correctly name every teddy bear and doll that the deceased girls had owned.

Florence noticed that the girls were playing a strange game where Jennifer was lying on the floor with her head on her sister Gillian who would calmly speak to Jennifer, telling that blood was coming out of her eyes because that is where the car had hit her. Few months later, the girls developed a strange fear of moving vehicles and would go into hysterics and scream “the car! It’s coming to get us!” at the top of their voices All of this was very odd because the twins never knew about their older sisters. When the twins turned five, all of their strange memories and behaviors that were similar to their sisters vanished overnight and they now live normal lives. No one knows the reason behind this; were the twins really the reincarnations of their sisters or it was just a case of wishful thinking?