Remember Omran, the Syrian Boy ? Here’s how he looks now

While the boy seems to be doing fine, the father of the child disapproves of all the claims that have been circulating over the internet.

By   |  Published: 7th Jun 2017  10:26 pmUpdated: 7th Jun 2017  11:07 pm
Five year old Syrian boy, Omran Daqneesh sitting in the back of the ambulance after he was pulled out of a rubble post a Syrian airstrike.
Netizens were in a state of shock and outrage when pictures and media of a five year old boy who was rescued out of a rubble after a Syrian airstrike, was out on the internet.
The sight of the ash-covered child sitting in the back of the ambulance grabbed everyone’s attention. What shook the world was that the boy named Omran Daqneesh did not cry of pain, but was rather sitting abnormally still and silent despite the chaos and the frenzy around him.
Omran instantly became the grim reminder of destruction and violence Syria was facing. He was known as the ‘Syrian boy in the ambulance’.
Almost after 11 months, the internet woke up on Wednesday to Omran’s new pictures which emerged on the internet, the handsome child was seen to be healthy and doing fine. Independent journalist Khaled Iskef released a video of Omran in his new home. However, Omran’s father Mohammed Daqneesh had an altogether different revelation.
In an interview with Kinana Alloush, a pro-government journalist, Omran’s father claimed that his son had been used for propaganda by rebel forces. He resolved the widespread false claims which said that Omar was bloodied and injured badly. Daqneesh said that boy suffered only minor injuries and the blood on Oman’s face was not from his own injuries.

Nonetheless the pictures and videos of Omran came as a sight to sore eyes for netizens and is now being widely spread on social media.

Watch the video of Omran below: