Remote-controlled kites soar high

'KITE 2017', Telangana State's 2nd International Kite Festival, to be held from January 12 to 17 here is going to introduce 'Remote controlled kites'.

By Author  |  Published: 12th Jan 2017  10:00 pmUpdated: 15th Jan 2017  7:40 pm
KITE 2017
International Kite Festival at People's Plaza in Hyderabad on Thursday. Photo: Surya Sridhar

Hyderabad: From a distance, the shimmering lights, floating in the air as if defying gravity, confused the onlookers and the lights teased bystanders and commuters, who now became more inquisitive.

A majority of the people stopped their vehicles and looked intently upwards with a confused gaze to check the lights that were sailing across the skies at People’s Plaza on Thursday evening.

Photo: Surya Sridhar

But after sometime, everyone realised that those beautiful lights turned out to be remote-controlled kites that are being showcased for the first time in Hyderabad as part of the Hyderabad International Kite Festival (KITE-2017), being held between January 12 and 17.

Adding a unique touch to the art of kite flying this year, the Aga Khan Academy, as part of the kite festival has roped-in specialists adept in flying kites at night.

These remote-controlled (RC) kites rather than relying on air to remain airborne, use the power of the propellers that are powered by rechargeable batteries. The LED lights are fitted to the kites.

“Our’s is the only group in the world that performs aerial display of remote-controlled kites. We are excited and thrilled to be part of KITE-2017 where we want to thrill and captivate that audience with our performance. We looked forward to being here and showcase our unique RC kites to the world,” said Heng Zheng, a member of the kite flying team from Singapore.

In a statement, Zeng said that action, challenge, and the opportunity to travel around the world to showcase his skills drew him into the kite flying.

“I have participated and performed in Cha-am International Kite Festival, Dubai International Kite Festival. We are currently holding the Singapore Book of Records since 2007 for flying 42 kites in the sky on Singapore Foundation Day,” he added.

World-renowned kite fliers from 17 countries are participating in the KITE-2017, Telangana’s second international kite festival.