Repalle: A tough choice

The short film subtly talks about the issue of migration of rural people in search of livelihood

By   |  Published: 11th May 2019  9:46 pm

Repalle tells the story of a village youth, Satthibabu, who feels desolated and dissatisfied through his meagre earnings from his caste-based profession, fishing. Sathi wakes up to a gloomy morning everyday, spends his day venturing into the river — catching fish, sells it to a roadside vendor for Rs 600 for 10 kgs. He even turns down a proposal from his mother who suggests him to buy a bigger boat from one Rambabu through which he could get good money in the long run.

However, Satthi has been nurturing the idea of flying off to Dubai for employment with the help of his friend Srinu. He strongly feels that all his problems can be answered if he gets a job in a Gulf country and, later, marry off his girlfriend Subbalakshmi who is waiting for him.

Repalle: A tough choiceBut, his friend Srinu explains to him the flipside of the dream job and the travails behind the aspirations of millions of Indians who migrate to the Gulf countries, their plight after landing a job, abuse and treatment in the hands of owners, etc.

However, Satthi doesn’t seem to have been pleased with Srinu’s version. Subbalakshmi, too, tries to convince him explaining how he could lead a satisfied life through fishing without migrating to other regions or another country. Directed by Harinath Puli, the 28-minute short film drives home a message on how a small livelihood could be a money spinner if one has respect towards his work. Repalle’s camera work should be appreciated. Sound effects are good and background track too is commendable. Visuals of green environs and drone shots are good enough.


Title: Repalle
Director: Harinath Puli
Cast: Chandini,Akhil,Veeranki,Punnaiah,Anil
Duration: 28 minutes