Report nails NIMS’ horrific truth

Investigative committee throws light on the poor working conditions that led to a suicide

By   |  Published: 16th Nov 2018  12:53 am
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Hyderabad: A five-member committee headed by Dr Raja Reddy, which was set up to look into the suicide of a first-year resident doctor of Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), Dr Shiva Teja, has submitted a damning report that makes it clear that working conditions of Resident Doctors at NIMS were far from ideal.

In fact, the report, which was submitted to NIMS Director, Dr K. Manohar, said “Committee has found rampant indications of bullying, harassment, humiliation and discrimination meted out not only to Dr. Shiva Teja but many other Resident doctors. This has led to a fear-psychosis among the residents. They are going to remain as untold miseries, unless resolved sooner than later”.

The committee studied the working conditions in NIMS, wards and others department and found conditions no different from any other teaching institutes in the country.

“Verbal humiliation of residents in front of patients and patient attendants for small lapses and failures is an unwelcome characteristic noted on part of certain faculty members, which was articulated by many residents,” the report said.

It also spoke about long working hours and pointed out, “Alleged imposition of prolonged working hours in violation of Supreme Court directives under the pretext of increased work load was noted with regret”.

Though the incident was tragic and regretted widely, the committee was of the opinion that in the absence of direct or indirect evidence related to the incident, “it would not only blunderous to make a judgemental statement but also be slanderous and defamatory on their part. It can only be stated that reasons are more of psychiatric in nature on part of deceased”.