Reservation should be based on economic criteria: Kavitha

Telangana has implemented several measures to bring economic empowerment to people of weaker economic classes.

By Author  |  Business Bureau  |  Published: 22nd Feb 2019  6:51 pm

Hyderabad: Reservation as a system should be based on economic criteria and earning capacity rather than on caste. Telangana for instance has provided lending access to the backward communities and has emerged as one of the top five States nationally by extending loans to about 12,000 people in the last five years. Focus of Telangana has been on education, providing loans and framing government schemes that make a difference, Nizamabad MP K Kavitha said at the ISB’s Policy Conclave on the theme “Road to 2019: Dialogue for Progress” on Friday.

Telangana has implemented several measures to bring economic empowerment to people of weaker economic classes. Also, the State government’s efforts to attract industry investments have enabled massive job creation.

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The State has attracted global IT majors such as Google and Amazon. Government jobs alone will not create jobs. There is a need to create strong private sector presence for employment generation.

“India has a very old caste system. A universal policy cannot be created. A mechanism and policy framework needs to be worked out where those who have already received financial benefits under reservation system are eliminated to receive further benefits so that the needy get the support. Government should be neutral and provide for everyone. India is not a country, it is like a continent,” she opined.

On the women’s reservation in Parliament, she said, “There is no logic in fixing the percentage at 35 per cent. It should be 50 per cent as women have equal rights. At Panchayat level, States have made some progress already.

Unless the women’s reservation comes into force through a formal legislation and made it mandatory across all levels, situation will not change. Leaders such as Jayalalithaa and Mamata Banerjee have made some progress in their States in their own way.”

From its side, Telangana government has been providing Rs 8,000 crore of loans to women-led self-help groups and the repayment track record had been at a healthy 99.2 per cent.

BJP MP Varun Gandhi in his address emphasised the need for political reforms where all politicians work for the betterment of society.