Retracing the horror

The Nun trailer comes with promise of unleashing story behind the unholy spirits

By Author  |  Published: 14th Jun 2018  11:20 pmUpdated: 15th Jun 2018  12:07 am

Brace yourselves to meet the demonic unholy nun of the Conjuring series – the Valak. Warner Bros has released a new trailer of the upcoming movie named as The Nun. Yes, the same nun who terrorised the Hodgson family.

The trailer starts with a young nun narrating the history of ‘The abbey’. “The abbey has a long history… not all of it is good,” she says. And, at this point, the viewers will already be prepared for the fright.

As Valak haunts the corridors of a holy church, this film seems to be a battle not only between the living and the dead but also between the faith and the souls. In less than two minutes, the trailer proves its potential in terrorising the audience.

The film is directed by Corin Hardy and is produced by James wan and Peter Safran. The Nun hits theatres on September 7, the same weekend on which It released last year. Till then — watch your back!