Role of youth in realising dreams of developed India

The 9th edition of HMUN India hosted by Worldview Education and Harvard International Relations Council offers insights into the vision of inclusive development

By Author  |  Published: 18th Aug 2019  7:05 pm

Distinguished thought leaders including Arun Maira, former member of Planning Commission of India, participated in the 9th edition of HMUN India hosted by Worldview Education and Harvard International Relations Council and offered insights into the role that young students can play in ensuring the vision of inclusively developed India.

The panelists who included Anu Acharya, CEO, Mapmygenome and WEF Young Global Leader, Abhijit Pai, group president at Puzzolana Group and Jayesh Ranjan, IT Principal Secretary, spoke at length on how Generation-Z have the potential to collaboratively strive towards achieving the agendas of the [email protected] vision.

Christened ‘[email protected]: The People’s Agenda’, the pan-India initiative was undertaken in 2008-09 by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in collaboration with the Boston Consultancy Group (BCG) to bring the vision of late Prof CK Prahalad to reality.

The exercise, which covered complete spectrum of the society, was shouldered to realise the dreams of an inclusive, sustainable, diverse, transparent, and developed India by the year 2022, when the country will complete 75 years of its independence. Considering how the youth population forms a significant part of the stakeholders involved, a panel like [email protected] hosted by HMUN India 2019 marks an imperative step taken towards furthering the vision.

Sampreeth Reddy, CEO, Worldview Education said, “Through this panel, we strived to reach out to the young minds, give them a complete picture of the vision and its challenges, engage them in this necessary dialogue, and help them determine what needs to be done.”

Arun Maira said that to truly develop in accordance with the [email protected] vision, people’s diverse needs and aspirations need to be collaboratively approached. “Therefore, it is imperative that the young generation understands what to believe in and how to set out for it,” he said.