Rules to know while in a theatre

'Discipline' is what you need to keep in mind when heading to watch a play

By Author  |  Published: 13th Jan 2018  11:25 pmUpdated: 13th Jan 2018  8:30 pm

There are occasional goers and also regulars but most of the people do not abide by the rules of theatre as an audience. It takes months- and years-long practice by theatre actors to present one single play on stage and by not following the basic rules, you disrespect their hard work. A few things to keep in mind when you enter the venue are…

Be on time

Always reach the venue in advance so that you find the right seat to sit and watch the play. By coming late, you will not only miss a good seat from where the play can be seen clearly but also the beginning of the play. Once you miss the beginning, it is very difficult to understand rest of the play, especially when it is a complicated one.

Check your phone

Make sure that you either switch off your phone or keep it in silent mode before you step into the hall. If your phone is in vibration mode, it can also create disturbance and you and the people sitting next to you may lose concentration, so always check your phone in order to avoid disturbance for your own self and others around you.

Stop discussing

If you have gone to watch a play with someone and they are asking you questions or you have something to comment on some specific scene or actor, hold it till the play ends. Watching a play on stage is similar to watching a movie in a theatre; audience in both the places demand silence. To maintain silence while watching the play is even more important, as artistes perform live.

Avoid eating

If you are hungry, then, eat before the play starts or wait for the interval. Chewing things while watching a play can be annoying to others and can appear impolite and rude.