Rupesh Kumar thrilled to reprise cop’s role

By Author  |  Published: 2nd Aug 2020  8:50 pm

Debutant Rupesh Kumar Chowdary is thrilled to have played the role of a cop in the upcoming action thriller titled ’22’. On the eve of his birthday, Rupesh shared some insights from his movie. Rupesh said he had a wonderful time on the sets playing the role of a police officer.

“I am an obvious admirer of the police department, thanks to movies like Temper and Gabbar Singh which I like in Telugu. More so, our director Shiva narrated an absorbing storyline with an interesting screenplay. I thought that this story was the best for me to come to the forefront before the audience as a hero. All the scenes, incidents and twists will certainly captivate the audience across all sections. I can never forget these moments all my life. Director Shiva really made a good attempt to give the thrill to audiences,” Rupesh said.

Based on the way the character and the script have been designed, Rupesh sounded so promising. “Director Shiva was very smart in incorporating the elements that were required to impress mass audiences. No scene in the entire film is without a certain amount of curiosity. Every character is worth in terms of its contribution to final output. He displayed it practically all through the film. His sense of commitment gave me a great trust towards the success of the film,” Rupesh said.