Sachin fan with a billion dreams traced to Mumbai

Runaway boy Sai Srujan, a cricket-crazy student, did odd jobs to get into a cricket coaching academy in Mumbai.

By Author   |   Published: 20th Aug 2017   12:02 am Updated: 20th Aug 2017   12:09 am
Billion Dreams

Hyderabad: Love for cricket made a 15-year-old boy run away from his home in Hyderabad and travel all the way to Mumbai, where he was found after 70 days, doing odd jobs to make money to get into a cricket coaching academy there.

B Sai Srujan, a first year Intermediate student living with his parents in Kushaiguda, was a huge fan of cricket right from childhood, and like millions of other youngsters, idolised Sachin Tendulkar. In fact, he had changed his name to Sai Tendulkar, which was how his friends addressed him.

However, the few informal coaching sessions he got did not satisfy Srujan, who wanted to go for formal coaching at a reputed institution. This did not go down well with his parents, who asked him to concentrate on his studies. And on June 11, Srujan did the unthinkable. He packed his bags and ran away from home. His worried parents approached the Cyberabad police, who formed eight special teams to trace the cricket fan.

Instinct and the connection between cricket, Tendulkar and Mumbai, made Cyberabad Police Commissioner Sandeep Shandilya call up his Mumbai counterpart, and finally, after over two months, Srujan was traced with the help of the Mumbai Police.  “He was found doing petty jobs there, collecting money to join a cricket coaching academy to be trained in the game,” police said. A police team, along with Srujan’s parents, reached Mumbai on Saturday and is expected to return with him to the city on Sunday.