Saketh and Sony’s unshakable bond

Brother-sister duo music director Saketh Komanduri and singer Sony Komanduri tell us tidbits from their childhood and their unconditional support for each other

By Author  |  Published: 6th Aug 2017  12:05 amUpdated: 6th Aug 2017  5:20 pm
Saketh shows off the tattoo he got on his sister’s birthday. Photo: Surya Sridhar

What sets apart brother-sister duo Saketh-Sony is their unshakeable bond which has stood the test of time. As the progeny of well-known singer, music composer and teacher Ramachary Komanduri, both have earned their place in the Telugu music industry with their talent.

Born in a musical family, Saketh decided early on that he would become a music director and did his Bachelors in audio engineering. A singer himself, he is most popular for his song breathless Telangana, his sister Sony on the other hand, got her big break with the song Hamsa Nava in Baahubali 2. Like most siblings, the duo’s day started with fights and annoying each other as kids. However, as both grew mature with time, they began encouraging and inspiring each other by letting each other know their mistakes and shortcomings.

“We don’t take comments to heart; instead we focus on what’s missing and improve our skill,” say Saketh and Sony who share a close knit relationship which was never affected by sibling rivalry. “We are never competitive; in fact we inspire each other. I don’t honour or congratulate her for her achievements like everyone does; instead I tell her where to improve. Sony is everything for me, she is my life,” says Saketh. But it’s not like they don’t have their disagreements, like other siblings they do fight for no reason. In fact, the duo once had a serious fight and decided not to speak to each other for rest of their lives. But within three hours, Sony called him saying, ‘Anna I have come for recording and I think this song will be finalised,’ and he forgot the fight.

“My brother is my support system. He is like a business class in airplanes for me standing first in my priority list. If he says a song is good, then it must be a tremendous composition. After listening to Hamsa Nava, he said, ‘your voice is very pleasing’. I was on Cloud 9. He’s my backbone,” says Sony who is currently pursuing bachelors of arts in mass communication.


Their relationship is the stuff of dreams, which one reads in novels and sees in films. The many instances of their lives which they share are reminiscent of this aspect.

One time when Sony was studying in class 3 and was having difficulty memorising a poem, Saketh studying in class 9 quickly created a tune for her. “The tune was very catchy. I used to sing that song for every recitation competition and win the prize.” It also marked a turning point in Saketh’s destiny as up till that point, their parents weren’t sure if he would be able to take up music as his career.

Despite their close bond, the duo laughably shares that they always forget Raksha Bandan. “I don’t believe in father’s day, mother’s day or any such days because every day is a special day. It’s only that we recognise and honour that particular relationship and nothing more. Otherwise my pocket is the first thing that comes to my mind even before my sister,” laughs Saketh who made the ultimate gesture of his brotherly love by getting a tattoo of Sony’s name on his hand.

“It was the evening of my 16th birthday, when Anna came home with a scrape band tied around his hand. I was busy with my birthday celebrations so I didn’t observe it closely. Later I went and held his hand and he cried out in pain. He told me to take off the band. I started crying on seeing the tattoo,” recalls Sony.

“She is most precious to me. Also her name on my wrist feels like she’s holing my hand. I don’t want to miss her at any point of my life,” adds Saketh.

No secrets here

As an elder brother, Saketh shares everything with her and guides her in every possible way.

“She is the one who gets to know first even before the girl. We are like best friends. Our parents are like our friends, it’s not like mom takes his side or dad takes mine, it just depends on the situation,” says Saketh who suggests not dominating a younger sibling. As Sony puts it, “You have an end point even with your best friend, whereas your sibling is a carbon copy of your soul. Treat them like your best friend and you will find no end point.”