Sangareddy’s farmers get innovative with field wear

By   |  Published: 4th Nov 2017  12:05 amUpdated: 3rd Nov 2017  9:22 pm

Sangareddy: True to the words of the India’s classification as developing country by world agencies, the farmers in India would use no protective gear like gloves, shoes, masks while working in agri-farms to protect themselves from insect bites. But, Indian farmers were never short of going innovative to make things simple in their day-to-day work. In fact, the Indian agriculture is sustaining on the innovative measures adopted by the farmers despite facing many a challenges.

In such a practice, agriculture labourers, both women and men, were wearing pant and full hands shirt while working in farms have been increasing every day to protect themselves from insects. Even shepherds and people taking part in various agriculture activity are wearing pants and full sleeve shirts. Interestingly, women and men, who, otherwise, wear sarees and dhothi aged above 60-years are also wearing pants and shirts while working at farms.

On other day, as many as 10 people were seen engaged in harvesting paddy near Tallapally village in Sangareddy district. Speaking to Telangana Today, a 55-year-old Saradabai, who was harvesting paddy, has said that they suffered from various skin diseases in the past since they would come in contact with some harmful insects while working in the farm besides suffering from itching, rashes and scratches on legs and hands.

He said that they were relieved of all these worries since they have started wearing pants and full sleeve shirts.  Women and men plucking cotton often suffer scratches on their hands and legs as they come in contact with dry, sharp branches of cotton.

Of late, wearing pants and full hand sleeves for cattle rearers and shepherds has become a mandatory to protect themselves from thorny grass, crops and bushes. Another benefit of this is that farmers can save their usual clothes from damage as they won’t be using the same while working on fields.

The sarees and dhotis used to suffer wear and tear very early, but even the used pants and shirts survive for more days in farm work. A farmer K Rajitha said that they feel comfortable working in pants than in sarees since they cover entire body.