Sankhya, enabling change through advanced learning

Sankhya to use virtual reality and immersive simulation to aid trainees and trainers

By Author  |  Published: 21st Jan 2018  4:44 pm

Hyderabad: Self-paced training and education have become the key to success of any industry. To meet the needs of improving competency, rapid scalability, reducing cost and improving compliance, industry has adapted eLearning and other training and simulation solutions. Simulation and technology-based training have cut the barriers of high-tech aerospace industry and they are getting adopted in medical, manufacturing, energy and even in education.

Technology is profoundly influencing the way people educate and train. Further, concepts of just-in-time learning are enabling creative solutions for trainees and trainers. Hyderabad-based Sankhya Infotech that was founded in 1997 by Sridhar Krishna, is helping power the next wave of training technology for people and organisations involved in mission critical functions with its immersive virtual reality solutions and training software platforms. The company’s cloud-based learning and training management solution has empowered over 1.5 million users across 50 global locations spread in four continents.

Sridhar Krishna, chairman and managing director, Sankhya Infotech, is a graduate in Computer Science and has nearly 30 years of experience of providing leadership direction for the growth of the company. Starting with a mere Rs 20,000 investment, he has spearheaded the rise of Sankhya as a global name in the field of simulation and training.

Besides publishing several research papers and articles on simulation and training technologies, he holds a patent in his name for the software product called SIMS. He has studied operations research, linear programming and dynamic data modelling that has relevance in nuclear, defence and aerospace industries. He was instrumental in bringing out the world’s first ever simulation training over the web in the first year of Sankhya’s incorporation.

At the invitation of the Defence Ministry, he has written the foundation policy papers for Government of India on Banking of Offset Credits. He has been advising several governments including a NATO nation on the review of its Offset Policy.

He was awarded as the Entrepreneur of the Year by EY (Ernst & Young) and Sankhya was listed among the Deloitte Fastest 50 Growing Companies in Asia in the past.

Future ready

Sankhya offers complete range of technology-based solutions for eLearning, simulation and training management system that includes learning management and online assessment systems.
As part of its aggressive growth plan, the company will look to rapidly expand operations in Americas, and southeast Asia besides further strengthening its presence in Europe and MENA region. The company has established an international subsidiary in Singapore and has presence in France. The company has plans to expand in the US to cater to North and South American markets.
Sridhar Krishna told Telangana Today, “Sankhya is different in many ways in comparison to its competitors. The fact that the company happens to be the only one to offer an entire range of products and services makes it unique. The company is working very hard to keep the gap of technology and features of its offering so large that none of its competitors can replicate its strategy.”

Aerospace & Defence

For nearly two decades, Sankhya had a strong presence in aerospace and defence working with Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Etihad and Safran Aircraft Engines (previously Snecma).

Bhaskar Pramanik, former chairman, Microsoft, Corporation (India) and former MD, Oracle and Sun Microsystems India; Anil Valluri, president, NetApp India & SAARC; Ravindran Govindan, founder & executive chairman, Mercatus Capital have recently joined on board of Sankhya.

He said, “The board has decided that aerospace and defence will be the core drivers for growth as there is global requirement and the kind of technology and training standards we have set. There is also scope in thermal and nuclear power space. We are a leader in BFSI sector and continue to look out for more opportunities. There is also a large compliance requirement in pharmaceuticals and medical technologies and these could be sunshine sectors.”

The company plans to spend 10 per cent if its earnings on research and development. It will retain its focus on virtual reality and immersive simulation. Sankhya will also look at acquisitions that will fetch access to new markets in Asia and other potential geographies.

Evidence-based Training

Rolled out the world’s first ever simulation training over the web in the first year of incorporation in 1997

Empowered over 1.5 million users across 50 global locations spread in four continents
Had been working with aerospace majors such as Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Etihad
Industry stalwarts such as Bhaskar Pramanik join on board

Plans to strengthen operations in US, Europe and Asia to significantly invest in R&D and innovation