Sankranti brings cheers to villages

Huge number of visitors seen at water bodies and temples across Sangareddy, Siddipet and Medak.

By Author  |  Published: 16th Jan 2017  9:41 pm

Sangareddy: Water bodies and temples in Sangareddy, Siddipet and Medak districts have been receiving a huge number of tourists during the past four days, since many people from urban areas have arrived at their native villages to celebrate Sankranti with their families. 

Singuru Multipurpose Project, Pocharam Project, Manjira reservoir, Ghanpur anicut and many other water bodies have witnessed a heavy influx of visitors. And the tourist inflow went strong into the fourth day of Sankranti. There was hectic activity at Singur project, which was brimming with water due to heavy rains, as people arrived from the State capital and other parts of the nation to their native villages.

Komaticheru, which was developed into a mini tank bund and is located on the outskirts of Siddipet town has also attracted a huge number of tourists. Speaking to us, P Devandar, a software engineer living in Bengaluru, has said that they will visit their native village in Pulkal mandal during Dasara and Sankranti, and also make a visit to Singur project without fail.
“We used to spend a lot of time at the water body and also on the banks of river Manjira,” he said.

Meanwhile, pilgrimage centres such as Edupayla, Vaikuntapuram in Sangareddy, Saraswatyhi Temple in Vargal and many other temples have received a huge number of devotees. The villages wore a festive look as people from urban areas chose to spend the holidays with their families in the villages.