‘Saptagiri LLB’ Review: The second-half is the saving grace

Film: Saptagiri LLB; Cast: Saptagiri, Kashish Vora, Sai Kumar, Naramalli Sivaprasad; Director: Charan Lakkakula; Music: Bulganin.

By Author  |  Published: 7th Dec 2017  5:10 pmUpdated: 7th Dec 2017  5:12 pm
Saptagiri and Kashish Vora in 'Saptagiri LLB'.
Actors Saptagiri and Kashish Vora in 'Saptagiri LLB'.

Court room dramas are not easy to present on the silver screen and such initiatives in Telugu films are not very common.

Investigations into a case, sharp, incisive yet forceful arguments and counters, examinations and cross examinations all make up for an effective court room presentation. Thus any such movie generates interest.

Plot wise, ‘Saptagiri LLB’, the latest Telugu movie, frames itself against a case of a rich person under the influence of alcohol driving his vehicle over a footpath resulting in the death of some farmers sleeping there. He tries to wriggle out of the case using all means and how that is countered forms the basic narrative.

Saptagiri, our protagonist who on completing his legal studies lands in the city to put his learning to best use and ends up in this case.

A simple and oft repeated tale, it uses different layers to make the progression into an engaging affair.

Most of the first half goes in the director trying to establish the story using ingredients like comedy and songs. The actual pace picks up with the entry of senior actor Sai Kumar in the character of an ace lawyer, Raj Gopal, pitted against Saptagiri. There ensues the clash between the two which is presented in an intense and interesting manner.

The second half has the screenplay taking a righteous path but the not-so-convincing songs act as speed-breakers. However, as it moves toward the climax, the plot turns into a gripping courtroom drama.

Director Charan Lakkakula tries his best in packaging the movie as a commercial entertainer with the inclusion of humour, peppy numbers and heroic action episodes. Unfortunately, the same elements end up as a burden while the courtroom scenes are telling.

Sai Kumar’s performance as a celebrated lawyer is a major asset for the movie and holds the attention of viewers and Saptagiri’s acting in the lead is appreciable. Within his limitations, Naramalli Sivaprasad too attracts as a court judge.

The background score by Bulganin deserves a special mention and dialogues penned by Paruchuri Brothers in the second half once again reflect the sharpness of their writing.