Sasikanth makes Hyderabad proud with his achievement

The rider becomes the first Hyderabadi to qualify for RAAM, annual endurance cycle race, after completing Deccan Cliffhanger 2019

By Author  |  Published: 14th Nov 2019  10:55 pmUpdated: 14th Nov 2019  10:58 pm

Sasikanth PVR of Hyderabad becomes the first Hyderabadi to qualify for Race Across America (RAAM) by completing the Deccan Cliffhanger 2019 in 30 hours. Sasi qualifies for RAAM with this finishing time of DC 2019, demanded for RAAM qualification. He stood fifth in the endurance race organised by Inspire India and is the first to participate and finish it from Hyderabad.

RAAM is an annual endurance cycling race which starts from the West coast to the East coast of America, that has to be completed in 12 days.

So far, only three Indians have managed to finish RAAM and they have finished very close to the cutoff. This hints at the tremendous levels of effort the event demands.

From India, the Deccan Cliffhanger paves the first step for this. Deccan Cliffhanger is a 646-kilometre race from Pune to Goa. It goes through many undulating hills that tests the rider physically and mentally. Completing the race with in cutoff time, based on the participant category earns them a chance for registering at the RAAM.

The DC route starts from Bavdhan, and heads onto satara and Yelur. Post which the rider gets to Tawandi ghats. Finally, the route takes a loop around Dandeli forest and Belgaum. The rider then climbs to Karwar and culminates up to Bogmalo beach, which is the finish point.

To achieve this amazing feat, a rider has to have a decent crew that guides him through the race with required support. As important and difficult as cycling in such an event is, the crew works just as hard to help the rider execute the plan.

Team Sasi comprised Krishna Kunam, Dr Vignan, HS Ahamad, Hemanth Chandan, Rajeev Kalva. The crew travelled to support Sasikanth at the event in many aspects. All of them have the nitty-gritty of endurance cycling and the demands a rider needs to be addressed during the span of the race. This is a big advantage that a rider has to keep at his behest.

The crew is responsible for preparing food that supplies essential nutrition, electrolytes and water for hydration, a vital aspect  and navigation which needs to be accurate. Along with this, the crew also helps with emergencies like first-aid or to monitor the health of the rider through heart rate and weight change checks. The result of a great camaraderie of the crew and the rider often paves path to success, Team Sasi just achieved that.

Embarking on the success at DC 2019, Sasikanth aims to plan and prepare well, to put India on the map with finishing in the top at RAAM.