Satavahana University teacher refutes allegations

Sociology dept releases video of study tour to clear air over students meeting Maoist leaders

By Author  |  Published: 16th May 2019  1:41 am

Karimnagar: In the wake of allegations that lecturers had taken students to meet Maoist leaders in the name of study tours, the staff of Sociology Department at Satavahana University released a video of their study tour.

It may be recalled that a message stating that sociology department head, Surepalli Sujatha, had taken students to interior places in Chhattisgarh to meet Maoist in the name of study tour. The message, released on behalf of Naxalite Baditha Kutumbala Sankshema Sangham, had gone viral on social media on Tuesday.

Besides sociology department, the message also targeted Telangana Vidyarthi Vedhika stating that its leaders had a nexus with Maoists. Korivi Suryudu, Karike Mahesh and Doggala Raju recently went to Chhattisgarh to meet Maoist leaders, the message said.

In the wake of allegations, sociology department staff released videos wherein everything right from the students starting from the university for study tour to interacting with tribal people in Badrachalam agency area was recorded.

A teaching faculty of the department said that they went for a three-day Public Relations study tour to studying the living condition of interior tribal people. On March 14, they started from the university and returned on March 16.

As part of PR tour, they visited Bugga village near Manugur to study the life style of the local people. They enquired about schools, hospitals, and other facilities and problems by interacting with the local people including village sarpanch. Next day, they visited Papikondalu, he said.

Speaking to Telangana Today, Surepalli Sujatha found fault with ABVP and Police for spreading false messages. It was not proper on the part of the police to circulate such messages though they went for study tour after getting permission from university.

She warned that a defamation suit would be filed on behalf of Sociology Department as well as University against police for spreading baseless messages.

On the other hand, Commissioner of Police VB Kamalasan Reddy informed that they were enquiring into various issues mentioned in the messages. So far, they have not got any information about students being taken to meet Maoists in Chattisgarh under the guise of study tours.

It was established in the investigation that Sociology department students went for the study tour after getting permission from the University, CP informed.